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Kosa Music and Aldo Mazza invite you to the Book Launch and Musical Party this Saturday, November 18, 2017 4-7pm. With live music, jam sessions, Bob Quaranta, Lee Martin, plus special surprise guest artists .

SOBs Club

204 Verwick St @Houstin

New York, NY

Admission $20 US. Your admission ticket includes a complimentary copy of the book, Cuban Rhythms for Percussion & Drumset - The Essentials 

From basic grooves and rhythmic structures, to ensemble orchestrations of traditional Cuban percussion, the book sheds new light on Cuban music. Packaged with a DVD-ROM containing 75 play-along audio tracks and 30 video clips, this book equips you with the necessary tools to start playing Cuban rhythms.

Get more information about the event and to purchase your tickets visit, www.kosamusic.com or email info@kosamusic.com

Ideas for Building Community Support For Holiday Performances

For most teachers, the first concert of the year will be in December, a month of holidays, stress, performances, stress, and PR opportunities! Over the course of the month, you will encounter administrators, other teachers, new students, parents, and community members—take advantage of this opportunity to showcase your program. Here are a few suggestions for building [...]

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How to Help Your Instrumental Students Play In Tune

Playing in tune is one of the most important concepts of ensemble performance. It is also one of the most challenging to teach and accomplish. There are many ways to tune as an individual performer and as an ensemble member. Tuning presents a challenge because there are many variables that affect the performance. Some of [...]

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Tragically Hip fans are mourning the death of Gord Downie

On August 20th, 2016 11.7 million Canadians stood transfixed, watching the final concert of The Tragically Hip, and the rest of the world asked, "Who is this band?"  Now just over a year later, with the passing of Gord Downing, October 17, 2017, Canadians from across the country are grieving the passing of this extraordinary individual. Gord Downie’s talent, [...]

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5 Things Every Musician Needs to Book Great Gigs

You've spent hours and hours honing your live set to perfection, and now you're finally ready to start the process of booking your first gig. Or maybe you’ve played a few shows already, but it seems that your same group of friends are the only people showing up. It's easy to stagnate in this spot [...]

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The Only 5 Things to Think About When You’re Mixing

It’s easy to get a good mix going if you have a set idea of what you’re trying to accomplish. Going from one track to another can quickly create a chaotic mixing situation. You might start out doing levels, then switch to panning and then think about some distortion tips you want to try. Then all of a sudden you don’t [...]

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Surefire Signs You're Overwriting That Song

You've been hacking away at this song for weeks, and it's still not right. Or maybe it's perfect. It's hard to tell. The point is, you're just too close to it to see the big picture and you'rein danger of overwriting.If you've been writing for any length of time, you've no doubt encountered this issue. [...]

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​Writing Music for Film

Today we’re going to talk about some beginning steps and considerations in writing music for film. This post is for all musicians new to composing film music. Regardless if you’re a new comer or a seasoned veteran, writing for film is a discipline of its own. Much like writing a hit pop song or a great dance tune, there [...]

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Ten Simple Lighting Techniques to Make Your Band Look the Bomb

Lighting your band’s show is not only a cool way to add a new dynamic to your shows but also a great way to stand out from the rest! Adding production value to your gigs can make the difference between you getting top billed or being the eternal support act.You can create an impressive effect on a reasonably [...]

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Top 10 Band Rehearsal Tips

Without planning an effective band rehearsal, you can end up with drummers endlessly tweaking things then tuning their kit; guitarists turning up to 11 and noodling away on some exotic scale 5/4 time signature riff; singers rolling up late and then taking calls from their “fans”.1. StructureThe most important thing for having a good rehearsal [...]

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