Song & Lyric Writing


Music Books Plus carries a large selection of Songwriting and Lyric titles. You can quickly find tips and strategies guides that will help you tackle writer's block or gain fresh insight into the songwriting process. Our selection includes titles with tips to customize essential chord progressions to suit your own songs, contact info for businesses and organizations most important to the working songwriter, and more. At Music Books Plus you can find pocket-sized dictionaries that are easy-to-use and geared specifically toward the contemporary songwriter, books on songwriting ideas, titles on how and where to sell your songs, and much more.

The hardest song you will ever write is your first. But with the right resources, you will learn how to get the confidence and learn the process required to write your first song, then your second, then third...

At Music Books Plus, we want to get you started - if your having troubles deciding which title is best for you, call us now and let us help you through to you first number one hit! 1-800-265-8481

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