Your Sound Onstage

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Your Sound Onstage discusses sound reinforcement approaches for singer/songwriters, rock/combo bands, vocal ensembles, small jazz ensembles, big band/jazz band, marching musicians, and orchestra. All in a language aimed at young musicians and their teachers. Part I - focuses on essential gear, with chapters covering microphones, mixers, instrument amplifiers, power amplifiers, effects, speakers for the stage, speaker monitors, in-ear monitors, wireless equipment, accessories, and more. Part II - shows how to apply the equipment, with setups for rock combos, acoustic ensembles, jazz/big bands, choirs, chamber groups, and more. The chapters will cover miking amplifiers, miking acoustic instruments and vocals, making the most of your sound check, mixing, basic indoor vs. outdoor acoustics, mapping the stage, setting up a monitor mix, live recording, working with professional sound people, and troubleshooting. ""©2011, Book & CD-ROM