You Can Teach Yourself Piano

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Series: You Can Teach Yourself

Product Number: 94302M

Format: Softcover & Online Media

ISBN: 978-07866-9284-2

You Can Teach Yourself Piano is a revolutionary concept in piano instruction. No other piano method comes close to matching this book's scope in teaching not only basic music reading skills, but also the essential technique and theory for playing in all contemporary keyboard styles. Central to the philosophy of the You Can Teach Yourself series, this beginner's book is written to give the serious adult student a solid foundation while studying on their own without the advantage of having a private teacher; it will show you all you need to know to get an authoritative start on the instrument, presenting technical and theoretical concepts as needed while offering carefully graded, challenging material to hold your interest. In addition to the incalculable assets of ear training and development of taste in modern harmony, upon completion of this method the student will be fully prepared to handle the demands of modern piano music. This book is a complete guide to learning to play the piano. Includes access to online audio and video which accompanies and teaches many of the concepts in the book.


A Chord In Search Of A Melody (Not On Cd)
A French Dance 
Albert's Ghost 
Along Came Jazz 
Boogie Woogie On The Blues
Circus Parade 
Come Follow Me 
Denizens Of The Deep
Feelin' Good
Funny Little Tune
Into The Sunset (Not On Cd)
Just The Way You Look 
Little Dutch Girl
Little Jazz (Not On Cd)     
Lonesome Mornin' Blues
Messenger Of Love (Not On Cd)
New Sound In Town (Not On Cd)
Nice To Know Ya! 
Nickelodean Rag 
One Fine Day
Original Blues In Bflat
Polka Dot Polka
Ridin' In On A Wave (Not On Cd)
Salute The Major
Softly, The Wind
Song Of Faith (Not On Cd)
Sound The Call To Sea (Not On Cd) 
Summer School In Oxnard (Not On Cd)
The Dream 
The Five-Seven Blues 
The Race Is On 
Theme For "Lefty" (Not On Cd)
Theme For "Righty"
Three Pieces Of Eight
Togetherness (Not On Cd)
Turkey In The Strauss (Not On Cd) 
When You Smile At Me (Not On Cd) 
Where? (Not On Cd) 
Whistlin' In The Park
Wings Of Love (Not On Cd)
Wish Me Love (Not On Cd)