You Can Teach Yourself Harmonica

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Series: You Can Teach Yourself

Product Number: 94303M

Format: Softcover & Online Media

ISBN: 978-07866-8989-7

This book is a detailed guide to learning how to play the harmonica. The material focuses on folk and blues music, including an array of tunes in both styles. Altogether, forty-one arrangements of increasing difficulty are presented. Special techniques and harmonicas other than the standard ten-hole-twenty-reed diatonic harp are also explained. Lessons on the companion video are taught by Phil Duncan. Includes access to online audio and video.


  • Preface
  • Chapter I: Introduction
    • Finding Folks to Learn From
    • What Kind of Harmonica Should You Buy?
    • Prolonging the Life of Your Harmonica
  • Chapter II: Gettin' Started
  • Chapter III: Ballads and Folk Tunes
  • Chapter IV: Fiddle Tunes
  • Chapter V: The Blues
    • Introduction to the Blues
    • Getting the Idea of Cross Harp
    • Bending Notes
    • Riffs
    • Blues Structure
      • Twelve Bar Blues
      • Eight Bar Blues
      • Other Forms
  • Chapter VI: Etc.
    • Special Types of Harps
      • Solo Tuned Harps
      • Chordomonica
      • Minor Harps
      • Other Harps
    • Special Techniques
      • Playing Minor on a Major Harp
      • Double Cross Harp
      • Mountain Modal Style
      • Double Cross Blues
      • Double Cross Minor
    • Cross Harp for Old Time, Country and Bluegrass
    • Straight and Cross Duets
    • Self-Accompaniment - Holder vs. Slack Jaw
  • Appendices
    • Appendix I. Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Music
    • Appendix II. Harps, Keys, and Styles
    • Appendix III. Discography
    • Alphabetical Listing of Songs

Song List:
A Nickel is a Nickel
Arkansas Traveler
Bury Me Beneath the Willow
Colorado Trail
Do Lord
Drill Ye Tarriers
Early in the Morning
Frankie and Johnny
Frankie's Blues
The Gal I Left Behind Me
Gary Owen
George's Blues I
George's Blues II
Haste to the Wedding
Hurtin' Blues
John Henry
Miss McCloud's Reel
Old Joe Clark
Pistol Slapper Blues
Poor Wayfaring Stranger
Pretty Polly
Prisoner's Lament
Rosin the Beau
Round the Bend
Rovin' Gambler
Rye Whiskey
Sally Goodin
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