You Can Play Jazz Piano 3-DVD Set

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These clear, concise DVDs are especially made for beginning to intermediate jazz players! DVD One, The Basics: Learn chord progressions, scales and modes, proper fingering and improvising on both blues and standard tunes. Clear and concise, with no music to read. 90-MIN., BEGINNER LEVEL DVD Two, Keyboard Harmony: Warren covers essentials such as basic chords, voicings, progressions, substitutions, intervals, bass lines and melodic accompaniment. Lessons include study of progressions found throughout pop and jazz music. 90-MIN., INCLUDES MUSIC, EARLY INTERMEDIATE LEVEL DVD Three, Soloing and Performing: Hot topics include scales for soloing and improvisation, preparing a song for performance and playing with other musicians. 90-MIN., INCLUDES MUSIC, INTERMEDIATE LEVEL 3- DVD Set.