World Music Menu (Mac)

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Product Overview

It's here, the time to expose your mind to different styles of music. With today's technology, you don't need to travel all over the world to do it. This easy-to-use software puts a new world of music at your fingertips, for the musician interested in world sounds or the musician tired of being constrained by the limitations of normal synthesizer scales. Comes complete with over 100 ancient and modern scales, including ancient Greek modes, Balinese gamelan scales, microtones of Indian ragas, Japanese koto scales, and the blue notes of modal jazz. With these new sounds, you can add new dimensions to any piece of composed work, providing rich textures and a timeless sense to the music you're playing. Using this program will open up fresh, creative possibilities for the way you hear, play, and compose music. ©1996, one 3.5" disc for Macintosh. Also available for Windows (UN103).