World Music for Accordion Made Easy

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Format: Softcover + Online Audio
Difficulty: Beginning
ISBN: 978-07866-9951-3
Immerse yourself in a wonderful collection of accordion melodies from many lands, Poland to Peru. The titles in this book will be well known in the cultures from whence they came, for good reason; these tunes have stood the test of time and tradition and are treasured by musicians worldwide. Arranged in order of left-hand simplicity, there is plenty of guidance to help the beginner with fingering. The pieces are arranged progressively to include simple but effective harmonies and accompaniment, laying the foundation for proficient and flexible accordion technique.

Accompanying online audio will help less experienced accordionists develop style and expression while using the full range of the instrument's qualities. Includes access to online audio. ©2017, 48 pages
World Music for Accordion Made Easy

1. Scotchne (Klezmer)
2. Arkan (Ukranian)
3. Poskok (Serbian)
4. Bufchansko (Macedonian)
5. Sirba du Cimpoi (Romanian)
6. Vo Sadu Li V’ogorod (Russian)
7. Ko Pticica (Slovenian)
8. Bauern Walzer (Austrian)
9. Untersteirrer Landler (Austrian)
10. Ciuleandra (Romanian)
11. Laura (Polish)
12. Bourée Sancerre (French)
13. Bourée Carrée (Breton)
14. Antwerp Polka (Belgian)
15. Derrière Chez Nous (French)
16. Water Come a Me Eye (Jamaican)
17. El Condor Pasa (Peruvian)
18. Oi Ti Divchino (Ukrainian)
19. Tulyak (Byelorussian)
20. Ochi Chorni (Russian Gypsy)
21. Stoyit Gora Vissokoya (Ukrainian)
22. Gammel Reinlander (Norwegian)
23. Korobushka (Russian)
24. Helpa Csardas (Hungarian Gypsy)
25. Bojarka (Serbian)
26. Coz se Mne (Czech)
27. Sfredelushul (Romanian)
28. Tancuj (Slovak)
29. Jimmy and Nancy (English)
30. Her Mantle So Green (Irish)
31. The Gospel Train (American Spiritual)
32. The Star of the County Down (Irish)
33. Ojos Azules (Chilean)
34. Tsamikos (Greek)
Appendix 1: Bass Scales
Appendix 2: Bass Button Chart
Appendix 3: Keyboard Notation
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