World Beat Rhythms: Beyond The Drum Circle - Africa

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The World Beat Rhythms series explores rhythmic styles from different regions of the world. The hybrid compositions and rhythms in this book/CD pack are influenced by the popular Akom, Adowa and rhythms from the Central African Republic. Each book/CD pack includes photographs of each percussion instrument, instruction on techniques used to play each instrument, percussion scores, rhythm indexes played at different tempos, worksheets, percussion breaks, charts, audio examples of each rhythm demonstrated on their respective instruments and more. The CD contains demonstration and play-along tracks thatcan be used when learning and practicing the examples. Play along with a 30-piece percussion ensemble with drumset and bass! The World Beat Rhythms series can be used by students who want to teach themselves, or by music educators for private or group instruction. A great asset to all music educators and band directors to get their orchestras, band ensembles and students of all ages grooving together. - Joe Porcaro. ©2003, 62 pages. Book & CD.