Working with Audio

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Product Overview

Written by highly respected author Stanley R. Alten, Working with Audio provides readers with a fundamental understanding of the principles, technology, and techniques of audio production. This book covers the basics of audio production techniques in radio, TV, music, and new media, with special emphasis on the fundamentals of sound and recording, acoustics, equipment, editing, mixing, and much more. Because the material is not medium-specific, readers can apply the techniques learned to sound production in any of the major audio and audio/visual media. Topics include ear training; acoustics and psychoacoustics; monitoring; microphones and microphone techniques; mixers, consoles, control surfaces, and their signal flow and design; recording and MIDI; digital editing; mixing; and much more. Table of Contents

1. Behavior of Sound.
2. The Ear and Hearing.
3. Perception of Sound.
4. Studio and Control Room Design.
5. Monitoring.
6. Microphones.
7. Microphone Techniques.
8. Mixers, Consoles, and Control Surfaces.
9. Recording.
10. Synchronization and Transfers.
11. Signal Processors.
12. Editing.
13. Mixing.
14. Internet Audio.
15. Influences of Sound on Meaning.