Woodstock 40th Anniversary Edition - 3 days of Peace and Music D

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The three-day Woodstock music festival in 1969 was the pivotal event of the 1960s peace movement, and this landmark concert film is the definitive record of that milestone of rock & roll history. It's more than a chronicle of the hippie movement, however; this is a film of genuine historical and social importance, capturing the spirit of America in transition, when the Vietnam War was at its peak and antiwar protest was fully expressed through the liberating music of the time. This 2 DVD set celebrating the 40th anniversary of the event features a new 4-hour re-mastered director's cut, plus over 3 hours of extras including: A Museum at Bethel Woods: The Story of the Sixties & Woodstock documentary, 18 performances by 13 acts that never appeared in any version of the film and interviews of the sights and sounds of the 3 day event.©2009, 2 DVD Set.