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A Hammered Dulcimer Collection for Weddings and Special Occasions With This Ring is a hammered dulcimer collection of tunes for weddings and special occasions. Common wedding processionals such as "Pachelbel" s Canon" and Wagner" s "Bridal March" are included as well as common recessionals such as Clarke" s "Trumpet Voluntary" and Mendelsson" s "Wedding March." Other favorite melodies such as Vivaldi" s "Spring" from the Four Seasons and Beethoven" s "Fur Elise" are included in this tasteful collection that supplies a repertoire suitable for preludes or any elegant occasion. With This Ring is accessible to all levels of players, offering both a beginning "melody-only" version and an intermediate arrangement for each song. In addition, each tune has guitar chords notated above the music staff. Standard notation only. ©2006, 72 pages.