What They'll Never Tell You about the Music Business, Third Edition

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The Complete Guide for Musicians, Songwriters, Producers, Managers, Industry Execs

The music business is complicated, and this book is very helpful in deciphering its pitfalls, opportunities, and challenges. Clive Davis, Chief Creative Officer, Sony Music Entertainment Worldwide

The completely revised and expanded edition of What They'll Never Tell You About the Music Business is a must-have reference. You'll learn:

- How many musicians have seized do-it-yourself internet opportunities to create successful business models,
- How the royalty pie is sliced and who gets the pieces,
- How the fundamentals of music publishing, producing, managing, touring, and the record industry apply more than ever,
- Why this book is the indispensable guide to the worldwide music industry,
- How corporate general counsels can educate their employees (and themselves) to understand the strictures of copyright law and to avoid trouble,
- And much more.

PETER M. THALL has practiced law for more than 40 years and has represented many of the world s greatest artists, from The Cars and Barry Manilow to ABBA and Pat Benatar, and such companies as Gucci, EXPRESS, and Victoria's Secret for their music needs. He is a regular contributor to music journals, International law publications, and a frequent guest on national and international radio and television programs as an expert on the music business.

Intelligent and accessible rich in references, but easily understandableDAVID GEFFEN

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