What is Music Production? A Producers guide, The Role,

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What is Music Production? A Producers guide, The Role, The People To complete an album, a producer needs to know what goes into capturing great music and teasing out inspirational performances from artists. As a producer, you are guiding not only the music, but also the business and the technical aspects of an album. What Is Music Production? is a "guide to this guidance" . Formed from a blend of solid information extracted from detailed interviews, the book focuses on the process of music production, providing insight into the producer's work and activity. Whether you are a student or just starting your professional career, What is Music Production? explains what you need to know - from working with artists, songs, pre-production, mixing, and mastering to the finance and budgeting, to glean a professional result. Combining the "how to be" with online assets and interviews, this book arms you with a vital insight into the business of being a music producer. CONTENTS:
Section A: What is Music Production
A-1 Quantifying It
A-2 Analyzing It
Section B: Being It
B-1 Being a Producer
B-2 Your People
B-3 Being a Business
Section C Prepping It
C-1 What" s the Deal
C-2 Pre-Production
C-3 Project Management
C-4 The Desired Outcome: Strategies for Success
Section D: Doing It
D-1 The Session
D-2 The Mix
D-3 The Mastering Session
Section E The Future
E-1 The Changing Face of Music Production
Section F
F-1 Appendix 1: The Tape Store
F-2 Appendix 2: Glossary ©2010, 304 pages.