Voice-Over for Animation

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Product Overview

Voice Over for Animation takes animation and voice-over students and professionals alike through the animated voice-over world. The book provides information, exercises, and advice from professional voice-over artists. Now you can develop your own unique characters, and learn techniques to exercise your own voice gain the versatility you need to compete. You can also learn how to make a professional sounding demo CD, and find work in the field. The accompanying CD is professionally recorded, and features: scripts, Animation Talent Agent interviews, Casting Director interviews and Interviews with Animation Voice-Over Artists like Nancy Cartwright (Bart, The Simpsons) and Cathy Cavadini (Blossom, Power Puff Girls) and Bill Farmer (Goofy). This is an invaluable resource for animators and voice-over artists. Key Features:
  • Author MJ Lallo is a VO artist, director, producer, and casting director. Examples of voice placement for characters, to allow for practice of standard voices commonly used in cartoons.
  • Voice-over demo included on CD so that students can model their own voice-over demo around the example.
  • Standard cartoon dialects like British, Mexican, French, and East Indian dissected.
  • Exercises offered to strengthen voices and improve flexibility.
  • Tips from professionals. ©2009, Book & CD.
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