Vocal Techniques with Jenny Lester

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Let Jenny show you some of her basic voice techniques and exercises to help you become a confident singer in the country and modern bluegrass styles. This fun, easily-accessible lesson is for the beginner/intermediate vocalist. 'Outstanding. Jenny's vocals would make an angel weep with joy!' 'The genre that Kentuckian Bill Monroe founded in the 1930s may not have the cachet that high-processed pop music enjoys these days but, if it did, Jenny Lester would be hailed as an emerging Celine Dion.' A great primer for any beginning vocalist, or a good reminder for the experienced singer, this lesson covers:
  • relaxation techniques
  • singing in tune
  • supported singing (holding notes)
  • chest voice and head voice
  • singing difficult words
  • caring for your voice
  • vibrato
  • picking keys to sing in
  • intro to harmony singing and more! ©2008, DVD, 65 minutes. Download now at: Vocal Techniques
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