Vocal and Stage Essentials for the Aspiring Female R&B Singer

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If you are an aspiring female R&B Singer, this Book & CD Set by Terri Brinegar is a must!! It teaches you the essentials you need to know about: Technique, Performance, and Musicianship. Before you go on stage or sign up for a competition read this book and get to the top!

R&B Singer Brinegar shares with her extensive stage experience, her success as a bandleader to some of the greatest musicians in the world, her skills as a musician and songwriter, her training in classical voice, and her years as a vocal coach. Brinegar believes a strong foundation of vocal technique is necessity to success in any style of singing. She is probably one of the few teachers with both a classical background and years of stage experience singing blues and R&B. While there are many books on technique, few, if any, have been written with Brinegar's broad and comprehensive take on the contemporary music industry. ""©2012, Book & CD,