Violin Repertoire Preparatory, 2021 Edition

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The Royal Conservatory

Product Number: VLR00

Format: Softcover & Online Access

ISBN: 978-1-55440-901-3

Violin Preparatory Repertoire features student and teacher duets to promote listening skills and to provide an entry point into ensemble playing. This repertoire book for elementary-level students, distinguished by slow and fast tempos, is based on the foundational finger patterns of D major and A major, postural development, and bow division with legato and staccato strokes. Special effects, such as tapping on the side of the violin and open-string pizzicato, promote freedom of movement and encourage navigation of the fingerboard. Elementary rhythms are explored alongside supportive piano accompaniments within familiar time signatures. Featured composers include Violet Archer, Ludwig van Beethoven, Harold Birston, Frank Blachford, Jean Couthard, David Gordon Duke, Jean Ethridge, Joanne Martin, and Mary Alice Rich. ©2021


Ode to Joy – Ludwig van Beethoven, arr. Kelly Parkins-Lindstrom and Christine Donkin

In Ancient Times – Harold Birston

Berceuse – Frank Blachford

The Climb Up Mount Royal – Jean Coulthard

All Alone – David Gordon Duke

Pit-a-Pat Rain – Traditional German Tune, arr. Christoph and Kurt Sassmannshaus and Melissa Lusk

Sìne Bàhn (Fair Jean) – Duncan Johnston, arr. Harold Birston

Poème – Paul de Keyser

The Bells of St. Basil’s – Paul de Keyser

Machu Picchu Mountain – Joanne Martin

That Sounds So Glorious (Das klinget so herrlich) – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, arr. Christine Donkin

Waltz – Violet Archer

Spine-chiller – Edward Huws Jones

The Old Woman and The Peddler – English folk song, arr. Akiko Kinney

Opening Doors – Mary Alice Rich

The Subway Train – Jean Ethridge

Pony Trot – A. Krasev

Konopě (The Old City) – Moravian folk song, arr. Leoš Janáček, transc. Leoš Faltus

Homage to Bartók – Jean Ethridge

Pepperoni Pizza Pie – Anita Hewitt-Jones and Caroline Lumsden

Happy-Go-Lucky – Joanne Martin

Wagon Wheels – Christine Donkin

Jumping Beans – Christoph Sassmannshaus and Melissa Lusk

Folk Song – Traditional French Song, arr. Hugh J. McLean