Vinnie Moore – Advanced Lead Guitar Techniques

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From the Classic Hot Licks Video Series

Series: Hot Licks

Product Number: 00393920

Format: Softcover & Online Video - TAB

ISBN: 9781705157589

For the first time, the legendary HOT LICKS guitar instruction video series is being made available in book format with online access to all of the classic video footage. All of the guitar tab from the original video booklets has been re-transcribed and edited using modern-day technology to provide you with the most accurate transcriptions ever created for this series. Plus, we've included tab for examples that were previously not transcribed, providing you with the most comprehensive Hot Licks guitar lessons yet.

Here's your chance to let the best make you better! One of the cleanest pickers around, Vinnie Moore's blazing chops made him one of the most celebrated players of the 80s, 90s, and beyond. In this book/video, Vinnie teaches scales and chord theory, picking techniques, arpeggios, and more! Each examples played both at tempo and slowly, so you won't miss a note!

You'll learn:

• Scale and chord theory

• Fingerings for the major, minor, and harmonic minor scale

• Scale exercises in 2nds, 3rds, and more

• Pivot licks

• Tapping licks

• Picking exercises

• How to get the most out of a phrase or lick

• And much more! ©2022, 48 pages