Videoconferencing for the Real World

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Product Overview

Videoconferenceing for the Real World brings together essential information from a variety of disciplines - including video, telephony, LAN/WAN management, training, and business communications. It provides a step-by-step method for the creation of an effective video communication solution tailored to the reader's needs. Special attention is given to assisting the reader in developing a solution that will withstand changes in organizational requirements and will leverage the opportunities offered by converging technologies. A two-level approach offers both simple guidelines for non-technical management, and sufficient technical detail to assure successful network implementation. Examples of successful (and not so successful) video networks illustrate key concepts. A guide for the implementation of video communication networks
  • Includes guidelines for the implementation of networked
  • Video distribution, VOD, and streaming video
  • Will help you do the necessary planning to insure that the system you install and manage will meet the needs of your organization. ©2000, 272 pages.