Video Projects for the Electronic Constructor

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Product Overview

Create visual effects at a fraction of the shop price * For use with a camcorder, VCR and TV * Shopping lists of components * Full instructions on construction * Details on how to set up and use * Top UK author Written by one of the UK's best respected authors, this book contains a collection of projects specially designed for video enthusiasts. All the projects can be simply constructed, and most are suitable for the newcomer to project construction, as they are assembled on simple circuit board. There are faders, wipers, and effects units which will add sparkle and originality to your video recordings, an audio mixer and noise reducer to enhance your soundtracks and a basic computer control interface. And there's a useful section on basic video production techniques to get you started. Complete with explanations of how the circuits work, shopping lists of components, advice on construction, and guidance on setting up and using the projects, this invaluable book will save you money.Circuits include: Video enhancer; Improved video enhancer; Video fader; Horizontal wiper; Improved video wiper; Negative video unit; Fade to grey unit; Black and white keyer; Clipping video fader; Vertical wiper; Audio mixers; Stereo headphone amplifier; Dynamic noise reducer; Automatic fader; Pushbutton fader; Computer control interface; 12 volt mains power supply. ©1999, 128 pages.