Video Editing, A Postproduction Primer, Fourth Edition

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Video Editing is a comprehensive, practical guide to editing techniques and practices that covers both technical and creative aspects of video postproduction. Aimed at helping the reader to become knowledgeable about and comfortable with these concepts and techniques, its direct approach and user-friendly style make it accessible to readers at all levels, from students to practiced editors. This thoroughly updated edition also covers the new DTV formats, newer random access editing systems, and offers tips to help readers become comfortable with the new formats and systems.Focusing on cutting edge technology, the fourth edition examines the conceptual and practical aspects of the next evolution--the new DTV formats. DTV provides picture quality similar to 35 mm. movies with sound quality similar to that of the CD. Discussions of industry procedures also help make the editing process easier to follow.Contents: A Brief History of Video Tape; Videotape, Control Track and Time Code; Videotape, Formats and Their Uses; Video Scopes, Time Base Correctors and Volume Unit Meters; The Video Edit; Creating and Using the Master Log; Control Track, Computer and Random Access Editors; Off-line Versus On-line; Creating Video Effects; Shooting for Postproduction; Editing Pictures; Operating Control Track Editors; Reading the Computer Edit; Creating the Off-line EDL; The Computer Keyboard; Offline Random Access Editing; The On-line Edit; HDTV Editors; Audio Postproduction; Editing Film on Video; Special Circumstances; Examples of Professional Editing; Finding a Job in Postproduction;A Look Into the Future ©2002, 312 pages.