Using Soundtrack

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Produce Original Music for Video, DVD and Multimedia. Finish your video and multimedia projects with compelling audio tracks. All it takes is Soundtrack, the ability to count to four, and a measure of musicianship. More than a guide to the software, this fully-illustrated guide to Soundtrack delivers the working knowledge you need to master the aural aspects of your project. In Using Soundtrack music and audio concepts are presented on a need-to-know basis. Practical examples and tutorials demonstrate how to use the tools to create audio that meets the same high standards as your video. Music composition, the practice of assembling various pieces of media to create an exciting musical message, is analogous to video editing. And, like video editing, there are principles and techniques that hlep to ensure quality production. As a renowned musician, video editor, and teacher, author Douglas Spotted Eagle is eminently qualified to help you to realize your musicianship. The companion CD includes tutorial materials, plug-ins, and hundreds of dollars worth of royalty-free loops. ©2005, Book & CD, 218 pages