Using Reason's Virtual Instruments: Skill Pack

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What will distinguish the sounds you make in Reason from the rest of the crowd? One of the keys to mastering Reason lies in mastering its virtual instruments""”the numerous customizable synths and sample players that come with the program. With these tools, a nearly limitless virtual studio is at your fingertips€”but how do you maximize these instruments to their fullest potential? Using Reason" s Virtual Instruments: Skill Pack provides you the knowledge you need to freely express yourself with Reason, to get you out of the presets and into designing your own sounds. What may now appear to be an overwhelming jumble of virtual knobs, sliders, and buttons will soon become a finite and comfortable environment in which you can let your creativity soar. By the end of the book, you will know exactly what to do with every square inch of the Reason instruments. You will know what this or that knob does, and, when you adjust it to change sounds, you will understand why it changed. A key part of Using Reason" s Virtual Instruments: Skill Pack is the CD-ROM included with this book. It" s full of sample content for building your own NN-XT, NN-19, and Redrum patches. It also contains several finished patches for all the Reason instruments, as well as examples designed to allow you to check yourself as you progress through the various exercises. Unlike other books with companion discs, the source files on every Skill Pack CD-ROM are an essential part of the book" s tutorials , they are not there as mere examples, but are the building blocks from which you" ll construct the projects. The result is a fully integrated learning experience. Features:
  • Perfect for any musician, engineer, or music producer who uses Reason and wants to get the most out of its virtual instruments
  • Unique book/CD-ROM learning experience that helps readers focus on the specific skill they want to learn by offering in-depth, targeted instruction that is unavailable in larger, more general books
  • The source files on the CD-ROM are necessary building blocks from which the reader will construct projects, providing a unique "hands-on" learning experience for the reader
  • Users will complete projects, advance in expertise, and learn to use all of Reason" s virtual instruments in as little time as an afternoon
  • Provides a chapter on each instrument: Subtractor Synthesizer, Redrum Drum Machine, Malstrom Graintable Synthesizer, NN-19 Sampler, NN-XT Sampler, and Dr. Rex Loop Player. ©2006, Book & CD-ROM, 192 pages.
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