Using Reason Onstage: Skill Pack

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Product Overview

Reason is a cross-platform software application that allows users to easily create complex loop, sample, and musical phrase based compositions. Although many musicians use Reason to create electronica, industrial music, or hip-hop music in their home studio, its instruments and sequencer are also extremely well-suited for live performance. Using Reason's software instruments and features on stage can be complicated however, and many musicians could benefit immensely from a hands-on tutorial, complete with an accompanying CD of presets and sample instruments, that focuses on how to master using Reason in a on-stage setting. Using Reason On Stage: Skill Pack quickly shows any Reason user, from the novice to the experienced, how to use Reason 4's power for on-stage performance. The book starts out by providing valuable key commands that are helpful to know during live performance, and then moves quickly on to controller set ups, song layout suggestions, and Combinator 2 tips and tricks that will dramatically improve any musician's on stage performance. In addition to covering basic functions that make live performance easier, this excellent book/CD package also covers advanced concepts that allow the user to walk on stage and compose on the fly! Features:
  • Provides the only book or tutorial specically focused on using Reason for live performance.
  • Integrated CD lessons walk readers through Reason set-up, giving them immediately usable skills.
  • Not only walks the reader through advanced performance tricks, but does so in such a way that readers will be coming up with their own
  • Brings new concepts to the table for inspiration and songwriting thanks to its introduction of freestyle composition concepts.
  • Teaches key commands, mapping techniques and template guides that will have musicians not only prepared for the road, but in command of
  • Explains how the new Thor synthesizer, Combinator 2 and RPG-8 instruments in Reason 4.0 can add a whole new layer to performing live.
  • Provides quick and easy excercises for both experienced live musicians, as well as novices interested in becoming freestyle laptop. ©2009, Book & CD.