Understanding Samplers & Sampling

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Sampling technology, or the ability to digitally record any sound and play it from a MIDI capable instrument has brought the world of high quality sounds to within the reach of any musician or studio owner. Having the access to a $50, 000 grand piano or a barrage of rare ethnic percussion instruments on a floppy disk forever has changed the rules about who can, and cannot afford to have the most up to date sound at their fingertips! In this video David Wills takes you through the sometimes daunting world of Samplers and Sampling and explains from the top how sampling works, while revealing all the tips and tricks to get more out of your sampler. As a programmer/consultant for the likes of Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Phil Collins, David lends some on-the-job experience to further develop your sampling skills whilst giving practical examples. One this is for sure ... if you have just bought your first sampler, are thinking of buying one, or would just like to become more knowledgeable on the subject that is shaping today's Music Industry -- this video will take you from novice to expert! 45 minutes. VHS.