UMT Basic Music Theory Game Pack

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Product Overview

6 Individual Laminated Basic Music Theory Games (9 X 12 size)

Busy Bees with So-La - Distance (Whole Step, Half Step, etc.)
Balloon Match-Up - Pitch (Keyboard vs Staff: Treble & Bass)
Raindrop Rhythms - Time Signatures (Duple, Triple & Quadruple)
Harmony Hotel or Melody Motel - Intervals (Major, minor & Perfect)
Terms with Maestro Ti-Do - Musical Terms (Dynamics, Tempo, etc.)
Car Keys - Key Signatures (Major & minor, up to 4 flats & 4 sharps)

  • 6 Ways to Play 6 Games = 36 Variations (Dry-Erase Markers or Dice)
  • At the Piano Instructions: Ear Training & Sight Reading
  • Table Top Instructions: Designed for private or group lessons