Ultimate Play-Along Guitar: R.E.M.

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Play Along with 8 Great-Sounding Tracks. Now you can play along to some of legendary rock band R.E.M." s greatest hits! Pick up this ultimate book and CD set and start playing songs from the band that set the precedent for all other alternative rock bands over the years. Members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and celebrated for changing the world of music with hits like "The One I Love, " and "Losing My Religion, " pick up "Ultimate Play-Along Guitar: R.E.M." now, pop in the CD, and take your playing to the next level by learning these and other great hits! This book and CD set including lyrics and authentic Guitar TAB. Titles: Bad Day * Losing My Religion * Man on the Moon * The One I Love * Radio Free Europe * So. Central Rain * Stand * What's the Frequency, Kenneth? ©2007, Book & CD.