Ukulele Jamboree!

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Ukulele Jamboree! 25 Sing-Along Songs to Cheer You Up! This little songbook is a celebration of the spirit for use by ukulele entertainers and everybody else who wants to feel better in these often sad times of ours. There are no hymns or songs of praise as in a church, but the function is pretty much the same: the use of song to raise you out of yourself and onto another plateau where all is merry and bright. An alternative medicine to pills and the like. I want you to use these songs like friendly weapons. Wield them gaily at gatherings-parties, concerts, restaurants, business meetings, railway stations, airports, political demonstrations. You'll spread happiness, contentment and peace wherever you sing them. If we only had an army of ukesters singing these numbers we could march into any troubles part of the globe and within moments every belligerent would lay down their arms and surrender. Soon all would be joining in the fun. Pull out your ukuleles and follow the dancing print. If you want to hear my version on record then download and play along. Titles:
  • Ambling Along ""
  • Cottage By The Sea ""
  • Dancing In The Twilight ""
  • Do The Sheep Dip ""
  • Go To Sleep Little Cowboy ""
  • Have A Martini! ""
  • I Go So Far With Sophie On Sophie" s Sofa ""
  • I Love You ""
  • I Love You "Cos You" re Fun To Be With ""
  • I" ll Be With You In Apple Blossom Time ""
  • I" m Gonna Live While I" m Living ""
  • In Tennessee ""
  • It" s Gotta Be You ""
  • Laugh! ""
  • Let" s Have a Jolly Good Cough ""
  • Love Never Makes A Mistake ""
  • Rose Of The Rio Grande ""
  • Shiny Shoes ""
  • Teddy" s At It Again ""
  • That" s How I Need You ""
  • The All-American Hand Dance ""
  • The Clap-Clap Crew ""
  • The Yellow Bird ""
  • Till We Meet Again ""
  • You Cannot Go Away ©2011, 52 pages.
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