Ukulele Handbook - For Soprano, Concert, Tenor and Baritone Uke

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This book is for the intermediate and advanced level players. It displays all chords in six tunings for the different sizes of the ukulele. Of course, there are other books which show how to build chords, but when you are playing a new song, you need an "almanac" for a quick look over all the possibilities to play a certain chord. That leads you into arranging a song and creating your very own style of playing. Section 1:
  • Introduction
  • The different types of the instrument Section 2 - Chords:
  • ..for soprano - ukulele in the d - tuning
  • ..for soprano - ukulele in the eb - tuning
  • ..for concert - ukulele in the c - tuning
  • ..for tenor - ukulele in the a - tuning
  • ..for tenor - ukulele in the Bb - tuning
  • ..for baritone - ukulele in the g - tuning Chord changes in jazz, blues, folk and pop music ©2004
  • ISBN