Ukulele from the Beginning

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This full-color children's classroom method uses familiar children's songs to help students learn basic chords and strumming on the ukulele. No previous knowledge of music is necessary for the student - or the teacher! After a brief section on tuning (GCEA) and reading note values, students immediately learn the first two basic chords - and use them to play and sing "London Bridge is Falling Down." Over twenty songs are used in the book to teach a total of nine chords, as well as basic musical rhythms and terms. "Jingle Bells, " "Old MacDonald Had a Farm, " "When the Saints Go Marching In, " "Row Row Row Your Boat, " and many others are included. The accompaniment CD includes tuning notes, and full accompaniments for all twenty-two songs (with introductions, and fun accompaniment sounds including trombone, didgeridoo, accordion, etc.) PLEASE NOTE that note values are taught (on page 6) using both UK and US terms; further references in the book use UK terms only. ©2008, Book & CD, 40 pages.