Ukulele for Kids Starter Pack

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Product Overview

Even the younger beginner can get in on the ukulele craze with this convenient pack that includes everything you need to start playing!

• A high-quality four-string, 12-fret soprano ukulele

Ukulele for Kids method book/CD

• A soft-sided carrying case

• 22″ x 34″ ukulele chords poster

The Ukulele for Kids method book uses such popular and kid-friendly songs as “Yellow Submarine,” “The Hokey Pokey” and “Barbara Ann” to teach lessons including hand position, reading music notation and counting, strumming and picking, and more. The accompanying CD contains tracks for demonstration and play-along. Hang up the colorful poster to keep a guide of 40 common ukulele chords handy while you practice, and use the protective carrying case when you're ready to take the show on the road!

For children ages 5+.