Ukulele for Beginners

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Tips and Tricks to Play the Ukulele

Format: Softcover

ISBN: 9781913597269

The ukulele is not an easy instrument to master. The notes, keys, chords, melodies, and harmonies can lead one into the pit of doom that awaits everybody who tries to learn the ukulele without expert help.

Ukulele for Beginners does not just introduce you to the wonderful world of ukuleles, but it also builds upon the techniques and methods used for playing it. If you are a first time player of the ukulele, you probably have many questions related to how the instrument is played and what you need to know about different techniques.

This guide to playing the ukulele for beginners introduces you to the tips and tricks for not just playing the ukulele, but mastering the melodies to produce the beautiful sounds that come from it. We cover chords, strumming, and go through standard sheet music to make every part of your journey easier.

We wander into the mystical land of chords progressions and discuss proven tips and tricks on how you can maintain rhythm and consistency as a ukulele player. Finally, we end this guide with a list of songs you can play on your ukulele. Playing these traditional and contemporary classics will not just make you the cool kid in town, but all of your friends will give you a standing ovation. It is one thing to just play the ukulele, and it is another to master it. Allow this guide to teach you to be a master. ©2020, 134 pages