Two-Year Waitlist: An Entrepreneurial Guide for Music Teachers

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Format: Softcover

ISBN: 9781936426065

Two-Year WaitList: An Entrepreneurial Guide for Music Teachers, 25-year veteran of the piano instruction profession, Noreen Wenjen, shares her tried-and-true method of using marketing, technology, and business know-how to grow a two-year waitlist for a successful independent music studio.


From identifying the value of a music teacher and connecting with students to taxes, fees and running a music school like a business, she shares knowledge and experience to educate other professional music teachers on how they can create an empire that will have students lining up for their expertise. ©2019


Biography 8

Acknowledgments 9

CHAPTER 1 Why You Need a Waitlist 10

Value of Music Teachers: A Child's First Mentor 11

Waitlist Vs. Referrals: Weeding Out Indecision 12

CHAPTER2 My Place or Yours? Home Studio Vs Traveling 13

Teaching Location Considerations 14

Studio Location Options 14

CHAPTER 3 Music Teachers are Small Business Owners 18

Top 10 Steps to Become a Small Business Owner 19

CHAPTER 4 How Much Should You Charge 21

Apples to Apples, or Apples to Oranges? 22

Location, Location, Location! 22

Charge What Your Market Will Bear 23

Assess Your Own Qualifications, Specialties, Credentials, and Cachet 23

Determine Your Rates as a Business Professional 24

Fairness, Equality, and Discounts 24

Sibling Discounts 25

CHAPTER 5 Raise Your Rates Annually 26

Don't Take it Personally When a Student Quits 28

Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA) 29

CHAPTER 6 Self-Employment Taxes and Planning for Retirement 33

Taxes 34

Corporate Vs. Self-Employment 34

Self-Employment Taxes 34

Marriage Penalty 34

It's Never Too Early to Plan for Retirement! 35

Roth and SEP Retirement Accounts 37

CHAPTER 7 Benefits: Paid Sick Days and Planned Holidays 38

Pro-Rated Monthly Payments 39

Planning and Scheduling 39

Cancellation Policy 40

Student Illness 41

Teacher Illness 41

Studio Policy 42

CHAPTER 8 Protecting Yourself from Legal Liability 43

Business Licenses for Sole Proprietors 44

Business Liability Insurance 45

CHAPTER 9 Build a Basic Website in Under an Hour 46

CHAPTER 10 Social Media: How to Reach Today's Students 51

Communication Strategies for Each Generation 54

Social Media Platforms 55

CHAPTER 11 How to Get Free Marketing Within Your Community 57

Free Marketing 58

Creating Incentives 58

CHAPTER 12 Sole Proprietorship Can be Lonely, Join a Music Teacher's Group 60

Is the Membership Fee Worth the Investment 61

Connect with Music Teachers in Your Organization 61

Do I Need to Activate My Membership? 62

3 Steps to "Activate" Your Membership 63

Which to Join? 63

Local Organizations 63

Mentorship 63

State and National Organizations 64

CHAPTER 13 Volunteering: Time Well Spent 65

The Benefits of Volunteering Your Time for Non-Profit Organizations 66

Free Marketing 66

Recognition 66

Leadership 66

CHAPTER 14 The High-Tech Communication Triangle 67

Connecting with parents 68

Parental Involvement for Young Children 68

Video recording 69

Connecting with Students 70

Time is Money 70

Balancing the Triangle: Communication Option 70

CHAPTER 15 How to Add Value to Your Music Studio 72

Specialized Classes 73

Performance Opportunities 73

Competitions, Auditions, and Evaluations 74

CHAPTER 16 Expanding Your Pool of Potential Students 76

Teaching Special Needs Students 77

Group Lessons 79

Checklist for Teaching Group Lessons 79

CHAPTER 17 Teach Very Young Children, Adults,

and Senior Citizens 81

Broaden Your Teaching Schedule 81

Teach Very Young Children 81

Teach Adults and Senior Citizens at All Levels 81

CHAPTER 18 Secrets to Keeping Students for 10 Years

or More! 82

Advanced, Competitive Students 84

Keep Students Engaged 84

CHAPTER 19 Studio Growth and Specialization 88

Make Time for Teaching and Building Your Business 91