TV Technical Operations: An Introduction

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Product Overview

"TV Technical Operations" is an introduction for new entrants to the broadcast industry and is designed to prepare them for working in mainstream television by discussing essential techniques, technologies and work attitudes.* An accessible reference guide provides essential information
* A useful 'on-the-job' tool
* Basic concepts explained in a clear manner
* Diagrams show how to use equipment
* Provides step-by-step operational adviceThe author explores:
* The need to develop a professional approach
* The occupational skills needed to meet deadlines, work under pressure and within budget
* The importance of understanding the potential of broadcast equipment in program making
* The need to keep up to date with the technique and technology
* The responsibility to ensure continuity of experience and training in all craft skills that technical operators are required to work with
* The need to maintain a critical appraisal of what and who influences working practices and how these infuences affect production and viewers
* An introduction to the basic skills needed to work as a multi-skilling technical operator in television
* An introduction to broadcast equipment in general production use
©2000, 248 pages.