Turn Up the Volume - A Down and Dirty Guide to Podcasting

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Product Overview

Turn Up the Volume equips journalism students, professionals, and others interested in producing audio content with the know-how necessary to launch a podcast for the first time. It addresses the unique challenges beginner podcasters face in producing professional level audio for online distribution. Beginners can learn how to handle the technical and conceptual challenges of launching, editing, and posting a podcast.

This book exposes readers to various techniques and formats available in podcasting. It includes the voices of industry experts as they recount their experiences producing their own podcasts and podcast content. It also examines how data analytics can help grow an audience and provide strategies for marketing and monetization. Written accessibly, Turn Up the Volume gives you a clear and detailed path to launching your first podcast.

Table of Contents


Part 1: The Tenets of Good Podcasting

Part 2: Setting Up Your Studio

Part 3: Preparing for Your First Episode

Part 4: Turn Your Ideas into Audio

Part 5: Bring the World into Your Podcast

Part 6: Editing: Pulling All the Pieces Together

Part 7: Where Will Your Podcast Live Online?

Part 8: Growing and Sustaining Your Podcast


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