Travis Style Guitar Up the Neck

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Publisher: Grossman's Guitar Workshop
Product Number: GW420
Format: DVD
UPC: 796279114592
Fred shows you the moveable chords and picking techniques you need to play Merle Travis-style solos all over the fretboard... playing the melody on the treble strings while keeping that relentless alternating thumb/bass going. Besides learning some great fingerpicking solos, you'll learn lots of fretboard theory along the way. Each song is played and sung, then slowed down with a split screen so you can see what each hand is doing. You'll learn to play solos for:

I Am a Pilgrim
Chilly Winds
Who’s Sorry Now
Careless Love
Sheik of Araby
St. James Infirmary Blues
What a Friend We Have in Jesus
Poor Butterfly

A PDF book has all the arrangements written out in tab, music, and chord grids. There's a song sheet for each tune, with lyrics and chords, so you can sing and play the songs, in addition to playing instrumental solos. Hey! You paid for that upper part of the fretboard, might as well start using it! DVD is region 0 playable worldwide. ©2022


UPC: 796279114592