Traktor DJ Studio Ignite!

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Product Overview

Traktor DJ Studio X Ignite! provides an introduction to the fundamentals of Native Instruments' most popular software product, Traktor DJ Studio. A best-seller, even to the quite popular Reaktor, this pro-level DJing/mixing software has a demand for a guide that provides quick and easy get-started tips. Additionally, with DJing software an already important branch of music technology and Traktor on the rise, there is quite an audience for this beginner-level book. Applying to both new users of Traktor DJ as well as new hobbyist and professional DJs, this book provides step-by-step instructions with many visuals to guide readers through the basics of the application. With an updated look to provide an even more pleasing guide for readers, this book is perfect if you want to jump right into the application but don?t know where to start. After completing this book, you will be comfortable enough with the basics to use the many functionalities that Traktor DJ has to offer. ©2005, 306 pages.