Toots and Twiddles - Tunes Allsorts

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Easy Tunes for Any (treble clef) Instrument Violin / Flute / Whistle / Recorder / Fiddle/ Harmonica / or any other treble clef instrument Each of these great new collections from Ossian contains about 50 tunes specially arranged in the folk-friendly keys of A, D & G, and specially selected for their limited note ranges (making them especially suitable for whistle and recorder players.) Each tune includes chord names for guitar/piano accompaniment, and tempo markings. Think of them as mini fakebooks for melody instruments! Can't decide? Tunes Allsorts contains additional tunes (not duplicates!) in all five styles shown above. The Ash Grove, Auld Lang Syne, Ave Maria, When Irish Eyes Are Smiling, Kum Ba Ya, Morning Has Broken, Pomp and Circumstance, Down By the Riverside, Cielito Lindo, For He's a Jolly Good Fellow, Greensleeves, Lili Marlene, Sailor's Hornpipe, Scarborough Fair, etc. ©2008, 40 pages.