Tone and Technique Studies for the Novice Clarinetist

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Format: Softcover

Difficulty: Beginning-Intermediate
ISBN: 978-15134-6467-1
This book was written specifically for beginning students working with a private teacher or in an entry-level clarinet class. The author emphasizes correct hand positions, breath control, and tone production needed for a successful start on the instrument, all the while encouraging the student to develop fundamental musicianship.

Particular attention is given to the concept of playing in the rich, low chalumeau range of the clarinet as well as to playing over the break between registers. Finger exercises, daily warmups, a chromatic fingering chart, and helpful tips on accessories, beginning repertoire and care of the instrument complete this insightful volume—essential for any beginning clarinetist’s bookshelf!
©2019, 36 pages
First Lines and Melodies
Part I: Left Hand, Range Going Down
Basic Rhythm Patterns
Dotted Half and Dotted Quarter Notes
Beginning Melodies
Clarinet Noodles
Progressive Songs
Part II: Range Going Up
Playing Over the Break - Traditional Songs
Simplified Scales
Part III: Technical Exercises
Finger Exercises 
Rhythm Exercises in Different Meters
Final Lines
Daily Warmups
Solos for Performance
Fingering Chart
Additional Resources and Recommendations
About the Author