To Be an Artist - Musicians, Visual Artists, Writers, and Dancers Speak

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Camille Colatosti

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Series: Berklee Guide

Format: Softcover

Learn what it means to be an artist today. Musicians, writers, visual artists, and creators from a variety of other disciplines discuss their lives and work–how they perceive their craft and their world, and the role of art in society. These are citizen artists, who discuss their responsibility to communicate their vision, to help us better understand our world and live together in community. Through learning about these artistic journeys, you will see how creativity comes not only from the intense focus on craft, but also from developing a wider vision and understanding of the world in which we live. Foreword by Pat Pattison! Explore how artists find inspiration, particularly on the themes of: knowing yourself, examining interrelationships among the arts, sustaining culture and community, bringing joy, and telling the truth. Interviews include: William Banfield (Composer), Michael Bearden (Composer), Terri Lyne Carrington (Drummer), Henry Diltz (Photographer), Bruce George (Poet), Janis Ian (Singer-Songwriter), Lori Landay (Multimedia Artist), Doug Stanton (Author), Victor Wooten (Bassist), and more. ©2023, 232 pages

  • “In this conversation with today's successful and prominent artists from a variety of disciplines, Camille Colatosti helps us all understand what it means to be an artist today, and how artists perceive their craft, their world, and their role in society. Alert and informed, witty and sensitive, the reflections here speak of the learning and wisdom that coalesce into significant and lasting creative acts. Read it to be inspired.” –Patrice Rushen, Multiple GRAMMY-Nominated Musician/Composer/Producer/Educator

    “Camille Colatosti's book illustrates the importance of the interaction between artists-in-training with artists who have established successful and diverse careers. Through hearing about current artists' creative paths, challenges, and successes, it provides a blueprint for those who come after them. This book is an excellent way for artists-in-training to learn about their artistic lineage and plan their artistic futures!” –Michael C. Mason, PhD, Chair of Africana Studies, Berklee College of Music