Tips & Tricks - 52 Full Colour Cards

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These 52 full-colour cards actually contain over 100 helpful tips for budding guitarists! Learn how to use a capo, how to use barre chords and open tunings, drop D tunings, reading TAB, tuning your guitar, and playing in time. There are cards that show you 'classic chords' in TAB - the opening chord of "A Hard Day's Night, " the E7 #9 chord that Hendrix often used, and others. Some cards focus on the physical aspects of playing guitar (such as finger strengthening, ) and taking care of your guitar. Many cards include helpful tips on other gear purchases (gig bags, amps, pedals, etc.) and physical modifications to your guitar. Other cards give suggestions on great guitarists you should hear in various styles (heavy metal, rock, country, folk, slide, etc.) and tips from famous guitarists such as Clapton, Keith Richards and Steve Morse. ©2008, 52 Full Colour Cards.