Timecode: A User's Guide, Third Edition

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Over the last couple of years there has been radical changes in both timecode technology and in location shooting and post-production working practices. This completely updated, third edition now contains: timecode and DVD, LTC & VITC in HANC packets in the serial digital TV interfaces; timecode in IEEE1395 (Firewire); timecode and digital video cassettes; and new recording formats of DVD, DV mini casettes and D6; 4:3 scanning for wide-screen films, with standards updated.Contents: Basic video and magnetic theory; Digital processing; The timecode word; Recording formats and timecode; Timecode and film; Timecode and MIDI; Working with timecode; Timecode and non-linear post-production; Timecode and AES/EBU digital audio interface; Appendices. ©1999, 256 pages.