Time & Groove

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Workout Volume 1 for Pop Rock, Hip Hop, Funk, and Shuffle

Format: Drum Book & MP3 CD

Level: Basic to Intermediate

ISBN: 978-8-86388-596-5

The objective and challenge of this book by Maurizio Dei Lazzaretti is to provide diverse tools to recreate the real difficulties that concern Time and Groove through the study of the most representative patterns of different musical styles. A path to be able to recognize, evaluate, and improve your limits in this field.

This book useful for professionals, to review the main technical difficulties they usually encounter while accompanying a certain musical style and in which they perhaps recognize that they have some deficiencies; to students, as a guide to discover the essential technical work, so that they can play in different styles; to teachers, who will also have a point of reference for their multi-stylistic lessons.