Theory Into Practice!

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The perfect antidote to those intimidating/boring music theory texts! Theory Into Practice takes basic concepts of music theory and illustrates each one using music from the popular repertoire, in a full PVG arrangements. Each chapter begins with an explanation of the theoretical concepts (sometimes illustrated with excerpts) followed by a PVG arrangement of the song that clearly shows how the concept can be/has been used in popular music. Chapters include:
  • Ostinato and Syncopation (illustrated with "Clocks" by Coldplay)
  • Imitation and Time Signatures (illustrated with "I Say a Little Prayer" by Burt Bacharach)
  • Compound Time Signatures (7/4 and 6/8, in Sting's "I Was Brought to My Senses")
  • The Circle of 5ths ("I Will Survive")
  • Chromaticism and Recitative ("If I Were a Rich Man")
  • Canon ("Panis Angelicus, " as a duet)
  • Modes ("Scarborough Fair") 80 pages.
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