The World's Greatest Gospel Songs

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Powerful Songs of Worship. Praise bands, Gospel choirs, and smaller vocal groups alike will love this NEW concept from Shawnee Press! The World's Greatest Gospel Songs contains eighteen popular Gospel songs - not the old Public Domain Gospel retreads, but contemporary Gospel songs by some of the biggest names in the genre: Kirk Franklin, Luther Barnes, Andrae Crouch, Franklin Williams, Donnie McClurkin, etc. (Only three of the 18 songs included are more than twenty years old, and several are from the last five years.) Previously, if you wanted to sing these contemporary Gospel songs, you either had to improvise harmonies from a solo vocal book, or hope to find a choral arrangement that preserved the Gospel feel that drew you to the song in the first place. No longer! The World's Greatest Gospel Songs includes great, contemporary arrangements of each song - with rhythmic piano accompaniments, detailed chord changes for guitar players, and, best of all, harmonies written directly in the vocal parts. The extended arrangements include middle sections, key changes, and other techniques to avoid the repetitive nature of other uninspired Gospel arrangements. In addition - the $34.95 retail price includes a license for the original purchaser of the book to print out additional copies of the vocal parts from the CD-ROM included with the book - eliminating the need to buy several copies of the book (and any rationale for photocopying the book illegally.) ©2008, Book & CD-ROM, 96 pages.