The Vocal Compass - Understand Your Power. Find Your Voice.

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Learn from Canada's Foremost Vocal Coach - Teresa Cirillo

This brand new release was a Bestseller at Canadian Music Week 2018!

The Vocal Compass (tm) is a technique created by Teresa Cirillo, Canada's Foremost Vocal Coach. to teach you how to train your body's voice to be in balance whether you are speaking or singing.

Teresa's Proprietary system of vocal coaching provides go-to advice that you can use on the road, in the studio, or simply when you're singing in your shower!

The Vocal Compass (tm) can alleviate any common singing issue by balancing the physical and emotional body to align the vocal function and using that to find complete vocal freedom so you can:

* Sing on key and on pitch

* Never run out of breath in the middle of a lyrical sentence (phrase)

* Sing for a long duration

* Sing freely and without any cracks when singing from your low voice to your high voice

* and more ...

When you understand your power, you find your voice. That is the Vocal Compass (tm)

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