The Ultimate Personal Recording Studio

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Product Overview

Don" t fall prey to the myth that all you need is a roomful of expensive gear to make good music. Professional-sounding recordings can be made anywhere, and on almost any budget. The Ultimate Personal Recording Studio is designed to help you acquire the basic recording skills needed to get maximum results from a minimum amount of equipment. The first section provides an easy-to-follow overview of the components that make up a modern recording studio, including microphones, mixers, monitors, and multitrack recorders. Next, you" ll learn how to use your studio gear to record a variety of instruments, including drums, acoustic and electric guitars, electric bass, synthesizers, piano, and vocals, and how to take full advantage of the unique acoustics in the various rooms of your home when recording. After that, you" ll learn how each of the common studio effects operate and how they are used by the pros. This includes dynamics processors (compression, limiting, expansion, and gating), EQ (graphic and parametric), reverb, and delay. By the time you reach the section on mixing and mastering, you will be ready to take your project through its final stages and prepare it for release. No matter what your proficiency is as a home recordist or your intention for the finished product, The Ultimate Personal Recording Studio will help you take your sound to the next level. Features:
  • An all-in-one guide on how to set up your home recording studio and start recording!
  • Helps the reader determine the goals for his or her recording project, introduces the categories of gear, and discusses the best ways to configure the studio
  • Shows beginning and intermediate recordists how various studio-based technologies work and how they work together holistically to make the perfect sound
  • Covers each important product category (e.g. microphones, speakers, digital recorders), as well as basic and intermediate recording applications and techniques. ©2006, 352 pages.
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