The Ultimate Live Sound Operator's Handbook - 2nd Edition

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The second edition of The Ultimate Sound Operator's Handbook Book & DVD Set has been updated with new text, photos, illustrations, and video examples to specifically address the important, cutting-edge concerns faced by modern live sound operators of all types. This revised handbook focuses on each aspect of live sound in a way that is straightforward and easy to understand, breaking the process down into principles and practices that assist the modern sound tech in everything from planning and budgeting to mixing and recording the live show. The Ultimate Live Sound Operator""€™s Handbook features: ""€¢ Volume Issues and Sound Theory ""€¢ Connecting the Gear ""€¢ The Front-of-House Mixer ""€¢ Signal Processors and Eff ects ""€¢ Microphone Principles and Design ""€¢ Wireless Systems ""€¢ Loudspeakers and Monitor Systems ""€¢ System Design ""€¢ Acoustic Considerations ""€¢ Miking the Group and Sound Check ""€¢ Creating an Excellent Mix ©2011, 420 pages