The Ultimate Beginner Series: Rock Guitar DVD

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The Ultimate Beginner Series has helped thousands of aspiring musicians take their first steps towards experiencing the fun of playing music. Now you can experi ence both step 1 & step 2 of ROCK GUITAR together for the first time on DVD.STEP ONE features Nick Nolan, who shows you 'classic licks, ' several different picking and bending techniques, scales and chords in position, equipment and sound, and much more.STEP TWO demonstrates more of the tips and tricks of the axe to bring your musicianship up to a higher level: more licks, more picking, bending and tapping techniques, more scales and chords, and more power!Special Features Include: Bonus Performance featuring Steve Morse, Additional Video Tips on Barre Chords & Distortion,
Additional Product Previews, Tuning Segment, Interactive Men us, and Internet Connectivity. ©2002, DVD. 80 minutes.